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    An Incorrect Username or Password was specified.


      Hello everyone,


      I'm using JDeveloper I have an application that i need to deploy manually using an EAR file. I have gone through the process of creating a JAR, WAR, and EAR respectively and deploying each one by itself. I have also unchecked the

      Auto Generate and Synchronize weblogic-jdbc.xml Descriptors During Deployment


      in the application properties to avoid the error that occurs when trying to install an EAR file. And i added:




      to avoid the second error i get when trying to access the database.

      When i try to deploy an application with no security everything runs great. However, when i have security in my application i'm not able to make it work. I'm receiving the error:


      An Incorrect Username or Password was specified.


      I think i have to upload jazn-data users and jazn-data roles in some way and include them in the EAR file. But i can't figure out how.


      Can anyone please help?