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    SQL Developer Enhancements?


      Is there a forum for discussions to go back to Oracle about potential refinements to this product in future releases ?



      It would be great if some handy features of other query tools - RazorSQL & DbVis - for example - could be incorporated into this tool.


      Two immediate things I'd like to see would be:


      1) a comment note per object - to be toggled on/off - like an excel cell comment - to remind you of facts or reminders specific to that object.

      I would see this as being specific to each user's local profile, and probably limited to a high level schema / table / index level.


      2) Each [table] Data access tab should remember all the various filters previouisly applied to it - making repetition of common selections easy.

      This would then persist between sessions.

      And obviously a [delete-all] option if it gets out of hand..



      For a lot of anlaysis work that I use this tool for, both of these features would make my work a lot quicker, and simpler.

      Just ideas of course..