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    When upgraded commons-dbcp from 1.0 version to 1.4.4 version getting ::SQLException:::Closed Connection: next


      Hi Friends,


      Due to connection close bug with COMMONS-DBCP-1.0.jar we had to change it to commons-dbcp-1.4.jar


      But with this jar we are getting following exception:


      FaiMextGattern:::retrieveMatchableTextPattern:::SQLException:::Closed Connection: next

      FaiMextGattern:::retrieveMatchableTextPattern:::SQLException:::Closed Connection: next

      Closed Connection: next

      Closed Connection: next

      MextGattern:::run:::Exception:::String index out of range: -1

      MextGattern:::run:::Exception:::String index out of range: -1


      There are around 1.1 millions records in database that we are populating when we are starting the server(takes 3.5 hrs for complte start) but while we start the server in the exception logs after 1 hour we face above exception...

      Does it because some properties that were not set there in BasicDataSource class in version 1.0 jar and setting in 1.4 jar because when I see constructor of BasicDataSource class from commons-dbcp-1.4.jar, there are lot of properties that are customized which were not handled in the BasicDataSource class of version 1.0 jar

      what do you think guys, following are the properties that are handled in BasicDataSource of 1.4.4 jar


      public BasicDataSource()


              defaultAutoCommit = true;

              defaultReadOnly = null;

              defaultTransactionIsolation = -1;

              defaultCatalog = null;

              driverClassName = null;

              driverClassLoader = null;

              maxActive = 8;

              maxIdle = 8;

              minIdle = 0;

              initialSize = 0;

              maxWait = -1L;

              poolPreparedStatements = false;

              maxOpenPreparedStatements = -1;

              testOnBorrow = true;

              testOnReturn = false;

              timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis = -1L;

              numTestsPerEvictionRun = 3;

              minEvictableIdleTimeMillis = 0x1b7740L;

              testWhileIdle = false;

              password = null;

              url = null;

              username = null;

              validationQuery = null;

              validationQueryTimeout = -1;

              accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed = false;

              restartNeeded = false;

              connectionPool = null;

              connectionProperties = new Properties();

              dataSource = null;

              logWriter = new PrintWriter(System.out);