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    issue about passing date values between forms / reports using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT


      Hi all.


      I'm using forms / reports 11g rel2 on a windows box.


      I have been running a successful upgrade of some 6i apps TO 11g. However i have this issue:


      On one box i can use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT to integrate Forms / Reports and pass date values with no problem at all, as have worked for years on 6i.


      Recently we installed the product on another box and we have issues passing date values from forms, it seems, as i can't recall the exact error, that the value passed is not in the expected format.


      Guess this must be related to an env variable, most notably NLS_DATE_FORMAT, but although i have checked registry and reports.bat, i see no difference. Boths DBs are 11g.


      Where else could i check?


      Best regards, Luis ...