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    Set image size in an Interactive Report




      I am running APEX 4.1 on Oracle 11g.  I am trying to resize images in either an IR or a classic report to be 100px x 100px.  The images are of various sizes, but all larger than the size I want to display.  The images are stored as.jpg images, and I need to access them via URL.  I have this in my select statement:  '<img src=https://aaa.bbbbb.edu:10056/inbpics/' || 'I00' || substr(spriden_id,5,5)|| '.JPG>' pic and it works to display the image, but it displays the image at its full size.  I try adding height and width values to the query, like: '<img src=https://rand.wvnet.edu:10056/inbpics/' || 'I00' || substr(spriden_id,5,5)|| '.JPG height=100 width=100>' pic but the image doesn't display because it adds the height=100 to the end of the path for the image.


      I know I could create thumbnails of the images, but there are several thousand images with more being added constantly, and it would be too much work to try to keep up with.


      Is there a way to set the height and width of an image in a report?