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    Default the sender name while sending email from discoverer 11g viewer




      Can we put a default value of a sender in the email which are sent from discoverer 11g viewer.??


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          Michael Armstrong-Smith


          Yes, you can do this but you have to edit one of the UIX files to do it. The following is taken from my new Discoverer 11h Handbook which will be out later in the year.


          If you want to force users to send Discoverer reports from a prespecified e-mail account, use the following workflow:

          1. Locate this file: $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/ClassicDomain/servers/WLS_DISCO/tmp/_WL_user/discoverer_11.<tmpfolder>/war/Email.uix
            NOTE: In my system the name of the tmpfolder was 51oeh7. You may have a different name for <tmpfile> on your system and so may need to do a search for Email.uix.
          2. Make a safe backup of Email.uix.
          3. Find the following line and add the information in bold, changing Discoverer@company.com with your default email address:
            <messageTextInput required="yes" name="sender" disabled="true"
            tip="john.doe@company.com" columns="40"
            prompt="${uix.data.nls['email.text.sender']}" text="Discoverer@company.com"/>

            NOTE:  In the above, you will be replacing text="${uix.eventResult.sender}" with your default email address like: text="myemail.mycompany.com"
          4. Find the following line and add the line in bold below it:
            <formValue name="event" value="sendEmail" />
            <formValue name="sender" value=Discoverer@company.com />

            NOTE: Make sure the domain name you provide is the same domain you are using for the SMTP server; otherwise, your Discoverer Viewer users will not be able to send e-mail.
          5. Take a backup of the modified file and place it somewhere safe.
          6. Stop and restart the WLS_DISCO server in the WebLogic Server Administration Console.


          Notes concerning editing of UIX files:


          • Never make any changes without first backing up the UIX file you intend to work on. You need to go slowly and carefully, making backups as you go and trying your modifications on a test system first.
          • Any changes you make to a UIX file will not be supported by Oracle, and if you run into any problems with changes you make to a UIX file, you will be on your own, which is why you need a backup.
          • If you need future support, you will need to be able to prove that the issue you are encountering is not because of any changes you have made. You will basically need to have a clean instance to prove that the issue is still there.
          • Any upgrades or patches that you subsequently apply may overwrite any custom changes that you have made to the UIX files. It will be your responsibility to keep copies of any changes you have made, and it will be your responsibility to make sure these changes are still valid after any upgrade or patch.


          NOTE: I cannot be held responsible if you tamper with your UIX files and mess up your system. You have been warned! That said, there are many examples for editing UIX files on Oracle’s Support site. So long as you are careful and heed the warnings mentioned, you should be fine

          Best wishes