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    mixing internal sourcing and suppliers


      Hi All,


      We are dealing with and ASCP use scenario without finding a solution design. Please read the following case:


      We are trying to mix supply of four organizations and suppliers


      We created the following sourcing rule for our items:



      1) Transfer From org 110, Allocation 100%, Rank 1

      2) Transfer From org 200, Allocation 100%, Rank 2

      3) Transfer From org 220, Allocation 100%, Rank 3

      4) Buy from a supplier "B"



      There is a demand of 100 units and on-hand of 15 units on 110.



      We expect to ASCP make an internal requisition of 15 and a purchase requisition of 85.



      But it makes only one internal requisition of 100. It doesn't look at rank 2 and below.



      We also trying enabling constraints, and then its make a PURCHASE requisition of 100 and doesn't take the 15 units on-hand.



      There is any way to get ASCP this behavior of first sourcing from other orgs on-hand and then buy the unsatisfied demand?


      Any suggestion or experience will be appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards