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    EL with HTML Tag

    Munna 502

      Hi Gurus,

      I am new in adf and using I am using EL with simple html tags. Here is my sample code.



                  <af:iterator id="i1" value="#{bindings.KeyboardRow1.collectionModel}" var="row">

                      <td  colspan="${row.ColSpan}" rowspan="${row.RowSpan}" >

                          <af:commandButton text="#{row.ButtonText}" styleClass="#{row.CssClass}" id="cbRow1Key"/>






      I want to control the colspan and rowspan from view object binds. Row values are applying on button but not on TD tag.


      Any Suggestions...


      Thanks in Advance

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle



          using Facelets as a JSF component container, JSf supports EL in th epage (outside a component property). However, mixing and matching HTML with JSF components is not recommended at all. JDeveloper should have a grid layout component that actually would do the same as your HTML snippet (at least I see this feature in