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    How to install a SMTP server on a Solaris 11 machine


      I need to install an SMTP server on my Solaris 11 machine inside a dedicated zone. I haven't found a single tutorial via Google Search about installing an SMTP server on Solaris (I suppose that installing it inside a dedicated zone would be no different as installing it in the global zone). Could you please provide links to any materials about that?


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          Carlos Azevedo

          By default sendmail is installed, though in "local" mode.

          So the matter is how to "open" sendmail and configure it as a SMTP server.


          $ pkg info sendmail

                    Name: service/network/smtp/sendmail

                 Summary: Sendmail utilities

             Description: SMTP-based mail transfer agent sendmail(1M), its configuration

                          hierarchy sendmail(4), the corresponding local delivery agent

                          mail.local(1M), and various other mail-related utilities.

                Category: System/Core

                   State: Installed

               Publisher: solaris

                 Version: 8.14.5

          Build Release: 5.11


          Packaging Date: March 22, 2013 09:28:10 PM

                    Size: 3.07 MB

                    FMRI: pkg://solaris/service/network/smtp/sendmail@8.14.5,5.11-