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    Which Application Listener to use


      Here is my scenario:


      1. Oracle SQL Developer installed which is connected to Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition of my company:

         Connection name: dev11g

         Connection Type: Advance

         Customer JDBC URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1531:XE


      I need to portforward localhost:1521 to the 1521 of DB Server IP to access dev11g using SQL Developer.


      2. Oracle Application Express already installed as part of database installation. I can see the the three schemas: APEX_04000   APEX_PUBLIC_USER     FLOW_FILES  in dev11g from

      SQL Developer


      3. Now I need to Configure Oracle HTTP Server Distributed with Oracle Database 11g with Apex nstalled in dev11g.


      Q.1 Is it necessary to change the password for ADMIN account using: @apxchpwd.sql  because this can be done by DBA.

      Q.2 What does it mean when they say Oracle HTTP Server distributed with Oracle 11g? Does it mean I already have it? What all configuration I am yet to do??



      - Thanks


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