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    the points! where are they?


      I had at-least 160-170 points with the status of an explorer, how did it change to a newbie

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          Read the latest announcement. The points were buggy and are now fixed.

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            but mine still say newbie

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              Mr Nitin-Oracle

              During the migration the points were messed up.

              You get 10 points for a correct answer and 5 for a helpful.


              Your current 35 is a sum of the correct + helpful that you have provided.


              Based on fixing of points, your status level changes accordingly.

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                my status was an Explorer

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                  Mr Nitin-Oracle

                  if you see



                  you will realize that with 165 points you were an explorer.

                  After the fix, with 35 points, you are now NewBie.


                  Anyone <49 points is a Newbie

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                    I have no idea about the maintenance script that fixed the point system, but it is probably reasonable to assume that everyone was affected. Unless you can proof by some reference that you had more points before the forum upgrade on 9. June, I guess there is no point in arguing whether or not the script produced inaccurate or unfair results. According to /thread/2564225 the system does not provide a mechanism to adjust points manually. I do not mean to polarize or take an position by question your concern, but perhaps this information can help you to accept the result.

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                      Does that mean I've to start the point system allover again ? Mr Nitin-Oracle & @Dude

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                        I don't know what it means, but I doubt the forum administration will see enough reason to re-investigate and re-calculate the complete point system, affecting every user, based on your current information. Btw, I lost 2000 points and others lost even more, but then again the points were apparently miscalculated after the forum upgarde and hence not legitimate.

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                          I lost 9000.  Whoopdie doo.  The points here are utterly meaningless.

                          They have even less value than Schrute Bucks.

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                            Yes, the points were most certainly miscalculated during the upgrade.

                            From what I'm told (I don't generally keep track of my points) I gained something like 15,000 points during the upgrade.  Since the maintenance script I appear to have gone back down by about the same amount, so it looks about right, and it means I've dropped back down a place on the 'leaderboard' for the SQL and PL/SQL forum, which is where I was before.

                            From what admin say, they believe all the points are now correct, though it's hard to tell exactly so a few hundred points here or there (give or take) isn't going to hurt anyone (not that they can hurt anyway).


                            Compared to performance issues, and buggy editor etc. the points are hardly a priority for the working of the forums.

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                              Points obviously mean something to some people. What happened to tolerance and allowing people to have a different opinion, taste and motivation? By saying that the point system is utterly meaningless, you are not only questioning the ethic believes of a person, but also questioning the meaning of the forum etiquette, which promotes the point system.

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                                A few hundred points may not mean much for us, but could be disappointing for someone who was degraded from an Explorer status to a Newbie. As far as I can tell from my own user profile the points have been adjusted and are now correct according to the status prior to the forum upgrade + new points aquired since.

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                                  I agree, it may be disappointing to them, but then so are many things in life.

                                  There were people in the UK who received child benefits for their children, and they provided all the correct information asked of them and got the money, then 18 months (or however long) after the benefits agency said they'd made mistakes in the calculations and demanded some of the money back.  Now that's really money and real hardship for some of those people.

                                  Points on a forum... ok, disappointing if you've been relying on them to tell your friends you're an expert or whatever the reason, but not life threatening and no one is going to die from it, and if it's really a case that the points they had were awarded incorrectly in the first place, then losing them is just tough luck, they're not the only ones.

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                                    even before upgrade i used to have 1000 points and my status was Expert and after that i got few more points and till last week it was 1100 points but suddenly today it got down to 870 points why is that?

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