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    RDAC Install problem


      Hi all


      I am trying to install rdac-LINUX-09.03.0c05.0642-source.tar.gz on Red Hat.


      Basically the installation stop with an error 1 stating


      cp: cannot stat `/boot/mpp.-2.6.32-220.el6.x65.img`: no such file or directory

      make[1]: *** [setupdriver] error 1

      make[1]: Leaving Directory `/opt/linuxrdac-09.03.0c05.0642`


      any idea would be of great help





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          Unfortunately you did not provide any information in your post beside an error message and the Oracle Linux forum is probably not the right place for this question. However, I suggest to see the README, which mentions that is is necessary to edit your boot loader configuration file to add a new boot menu, which uses an mpp-2.6… initrd image.

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            Though OL may be built upon Redhat, it is NOT Redhat Linux.   It is Oracle's distribution as they chose to assemble it.

            Additionally, your question is more a generic "how do I install an open source package on a Linux distro" question than anything specific to Oracle's OS.