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    EA4: Export to xlsx overwrote another file


      Ok, so this was freaky.


      I do this often...get a request from a user, write an ad-hoc query in SQL Dev, export results in xls(x) and send it to user.


      Started using EA4 today (on Windows 7, 32 bit) and within the first hour, had two instances where an existing file was overwritten even-though I had specifically pointed to another file to be overwritten.


      Here are the steps I followed:


      Execute query.

      In the data grid, click any cell, right click, select Export

      In Export Wizard, selected Excel 2003+ (xlsx)

      Changed to Single File

      Click on Browse to choose file/destination


      At this point, I got an I/O Error: The directory c:\Documents and Settings is not accessible, Please select a different directory


      Click Ok. The same error re-appears multiple times.


      Then the Export File Chooser window opens up with the C:\Documents and Settings node selected.


      At this point, I selected a directory under c:\Users\<myuser>\Documents\MyDir


      And entered a file name in that directory.


      Click Next and did the export.


      Now, I noticed that a randomly chosen file that already existed with overwritten with the contents of the data grid.


      Anyone else seen this issue?



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          I'm not able to reproduce this.


          If you bypass the Export File Choose dialog and just manually input the directory/filename does it work for you then?


          >>randomly chosen file

          What was the filename?

          Does this happen every time, or only the once?

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            I had reverted back to v3 after my first encounter with v4.


            But after seeing your response, I did try to replicate it and couldn't....not the overwriting part. Either manually entering a file path or using the wizard, couldn't get it to replicate the I/O Error with Single File selected.


            But, with Separate Files selected, clicking on the browse button still gave me the I/O Error indicating that C:\Documents and Settings is not accessible. In my case, I don't ever use this option so it's inconsequential.


            I will keep working with the single file option. I know I didn't imagine the whole file-overwrite thing.


            Thanks for looking into it.