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    Custom Notification on approval of a change in a PO




      My requirement is to track the changes in a Purchase Order and notify the same to the user.



      • PO#1001, Revision# 0

             Line1: Unit Price= 100

             PO Approved and notification sent to user with standard information.

      • PO#1001, Revision# 1

             Line1: Unit Price= 200

            PO Approved and ....

            • Standard Behavior: Notification is sent to user with standard information.
            • Required Behavior: Notification to be sent with standard information as well as it should show the changes (similar to the date we can see in 'PO Change History' in EBS)


      Also I need to send this customized notification to the requester of the PO. But I learnt that for a standard PO, the attribute 'REQUESTER_ID' is populated only if the line type is 'Temp Labor'. So, I am not able to use this attribute.


      So to summarize my requirements:

      1. The Changes in a PO should also be displayed in the notification, once the revised PO is approved.
      2. The custom notification should be sent to the 'Requester'.


      I would really be grateful for your help and suggestion on this.


      Thanks in advance!