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    Oracle RAC with ASM and Hyper-V Good or Bad

    Pranav S



      I was wondering if I can get an expert view on this topic.


      Environment is:

      Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise Edition

      96 GB of RAM (Oracle is using approx 50 GB)


      Scene is:

      We are running two node RAC database with ASM in our live production environment. In one of our management meeting, we decided to use these two servers resources, and decided to install Hyper-V role on these two servers, so we can create few virtual machines.

      Now I am dead against it, as I don't want to fiddle around with existing setup, it may upset Oracle, and we will be in trouble or I may be wrong.

      Now the problem is,I have been asked to provide information, that why we can not use Hyper-V or why it is a bad idea or will it be ok, if we use Hyper-V.


      Can someone please shed some lights on it?


      Greatly appreciated.