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    Checkpoint table doesn't exist


      Dear All Good Day,


      I am facing a peculiar problem while implementing REPLICAT process, it is showing the below error:


      2013-07-30 09:55:18  ERROR   OGG-00446  Checkpoint table mirapp.chkpt does not exist.  Please create the table or recreate the NUM_REPL group using the correct table.

      2013-07-30 09:55:18  ERROR   OGG-01668  PROCESS ABENDING.


      According to the suggestion i have deleted and then recreated the checkpoint table and also recreated the REPLICAT group but no hope, i am trying this for 2 days and getting mad.


      Extract is in Oracle 10g , Solaris 10 , Sparc 64 bit

      Replicat is in Oracle 11gR2, Centos 6, x86_64 64 bit


      Any help is highly appreciated.




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          I got similiar error:  Notice there is a "dash" between schema and chkptab table.  I deleted the repicat process and delete the check table.  Created the CHKPTAB table without schema in front.


          2013-11-01 05:44:03  ERROR   OGG-00446  Checkpoint table GGS_OWNER_CHKPTAB does not exist.  Please create the

          table or recreate the REP1 group using the correct table.


          Fix for me:


          delete replicat rep1

          DBLOGIN USERID ggs_owner, PASSWORD ggs_owner

          delete checkpointtable GGS_OWNER.CHKPTAB

          add checkpointtable CHKPTAB

          ADD REPLICAT rep1, EXTTRAIL /u01/app/ggs/dirdat/rt


          And IT WORKS!!


          Both source and target:  Linux 11GR2 databases.