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    Unable to do the Matching for the Charges at Invoice ??


      Dear All,

      I am little confuse in one scenario and still didnt find any proper solution to do so ??

      Let us consider the case I have raise the PO to the Specific Supplier to whome I am Purchasing the Items.

      While Transfer the material from supplier to us there is a Third Party who charge us as for thier shipments by sending the Invoice so how to cater this thing ??

      I have maked the shipment and correpsonding charges induct in the Shipment likewise Custom Duties , Freight etc so I have matached the Invoice with the PO to actual supplier againts his own Invoice. It working Fine while I am trying to craeting another standard Invoice to the Third Party so while I am cliking on the Match it does show me any refrence to match againts what shipment / RECEIPT ETC ??





      Mohammad Younus