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    Sync to database




      I have reversed a database into the modeler and all was well, Sync worked fine from full schema and the object list.

      So whats my problem? Well; my user was moved and now the sync in not working. The list of the two databases are still there when i right arrow but are now broken.

      The work around is to re-import an object from a schema and set up a new connection. This leaves the two dead connections on the list (still not a major problem).

      I would like to just see a dialog that would let me edit the sync connections rather than the database connections; but can't seem to find one.


      Also why do you have to setup a connection on the import screen? I would just expect to see it in the Tools list along with the sync list option.


      Any suggestions?


      ps. Its a good tool and i would recommend it to anyone. Just needs to mature a little around the edges.