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    Java TZ information is not up-to-date




      I just ran omsvfy against my OMS installation and it returns the following information -



      201. Java TZ information not up-to-date: 3

           OMS JAVA TZ information is outdated (tzdata2010o)

           WebTier JAVA TZ information is outdated (tzdata2010o)

           WebLogic JAVA TZ information is outdated (tzdata2010o)


      OMS JDK                               1.6.0_24

      OMS JRE                               1.6.0_24

      OMS JRE DST                        tzdata2010o

      Webtier JDK                           1.6.0_24

      Webtier JRE                           1.6.0_24

      Webtier JRE DST                    tzdata2010o

      WebLogic JDK                          1.6.0_24

      WebLogic JRE                          1.6.0_24

      WebLogic JRE DST                   tzdata2010o


      From some reading I have done it seems I must obtain and run the Timezone Updater Tool. My question, will that actually solve the problem or must I update my JDK & JRE installaitons?


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman