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    I want to show attachment details in PO Print Report with respect to po revision in which attachment was added?




      I have developed a report which show PO details with respective PO Revision Number.

      PO revision number is the parameter. Whatever revision number I select details of PO for that particular revision no got displayed.


      User used to update document whenever there is any amendment in the PO. This information is stored in 'fnd_documents_long_text' table.

      User want to display respective long_text for that particular revision.



      PO Revision: 0

      long text :


      PO Revision :1

      long text: amendment 1 due to item A added


      PO Revision :2

      long text: amendment 2 due to price of item A has been updated


      So when I select revision 0 then no long text will be displayed

           when I select revision 1 then long text added during revision 1 should be displayed

           when I select revision 2 then long text from all the revisions should be displayed.




      Thanks all for your valuable support.