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    Refresh previous page with jQuery or DOM?


      1.) So I have a page, call it Page1. I do some 'not very important' things on this page, and then I use a dynamic action to open a new page, call it Page2.

      2.) I do some other things on Page2, and then close it.

      3.) It just so happens that when some things are changed on Page2, some things are changed on Page1.

      4.) When I close Page2 I do not see those changes, because it needs to be refreshed or reloaded.


      So, I would like to be able to--from any page--reference this page and refresh it. I come from an object oriented language background, and have little experience with declarative programming.

      My thoughts were to reference the page through jQuery or the page DOM object(if there is such a thing).


      Please, I implore you, do not redirect me to some reference site. I've searched and searched; it's like looking for a four leaf clover. I have little web development(javascript/html/etc.)experience.


      Thank you for any help you can give me.