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    Bursting carriage return bug


      I'm trying to send e-mails through bursting.  With Parameter5, I'm practically composing a lengthy body of a letter, complete with carriage returns and/or line feeds, and the use of CHR(13) or CHR(10).


      Example would be like this:



             'CREATE' AS "KEY",          --group emails by this; must match split by

             :Template TEMPLATE,                                   --layout name

             'en-US' LOCALE,                                     --template location

             'PDF' OUTPUT_FORMAT,                               --data output format

             'true' SAVE_OUTPUT,                                 --save file in logs

             'EMAIL' DEL_CHANNEL,                                   --how to deliver

             'America/New_York' TIMEZONE,                           --how to deliver

             'Accessing Your SOIs guide' OUTPUT_NAME, --output file name


               'Dear' || FIRSTNAME

             || CHR (13)

             || CHR (13)

             || 'Body of the letter'

             || CHR (13)

             || CHR (13)


             || CHR (13)

             || CHR (13)

             || :Signature

             || CHR (13)

             || :Title

             || CHR (13)

             || :Reply_to




      Did you know that if one line in between the '||' is exactly 40 characters long, it will ignore the rest of the CHR(13)'s?


      Well, I do!  (This did take some hours of trial and error, too.)


      Anyone else experience this and know a workaround other than to not type a 40-character line?


      Thanks in advance.