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    Logs for UPSShell.exe




      We are using UPSShell.exe in FDM to shcedule batch.

      We see batch is successfully executed even if we do not place file in open batch.This error is not even recorded in outbox\logs.

      Is there any way we can capture these kind of errors


      Thanks in advance

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          The log directory is specified as past of the UPSShell.exe command you pass through.


          Here is a good KM that explains this: How to Use the UPSShell.EXE To Launch a Custom Script for FDM (Doc ID 1308568.1)


          A bit more detail below on what you are specifically looking for:

          C:\Hyperion\FDM\SHARED~1\upsShell.exe CustomScriptEx=AppName~UserID~PW~DOMAIN~LoadBalancerName~LogDirectory~ScriptName~LanguageCode(Default=1033)~EncodeUnicode(Default=0)


          Note the LogDirectory there.


          Hope this helps!

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            Sorry for the delayed reply..I was trying to figure out options for this but could not do so.

            The logs directory is showing errors in case of syntax errors, but if validate fails..for eg...no error is recorded in log.

            Can you let me know how can we have error lgenerated for these kind of errors.

            Also, I'm loooking for a way where if one script fails batch shoud not go to the other script.



            Thanks in advance

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              Can these errors be seen in the standard Batch reports? If these are the normal validation type errors, then you can write some code into an apporpriate event script to write the details to your own log if necessary.

              Without knowing your environment, it is difficult to comment in detail, but if you need to control the execution of a subsequent batch script, then you may need to maintain a flag somewhere and maintain it as part of the event scripts.

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                The errors that we see in batch reports are the standard errors that we see while running batch..I'm looking for something where we can control the execution of batch script i.e if one script fails, the batch should not go to the next script.Can you let me know if it is possible..