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    ask - how to draw diagonal border on XMLPublisher report?


      Hi all,


      I need to draw diagonal border on my XML Publisher report.


      xsl attributes I tried are:

      <xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="border-diagonal">1pt solid #000005</xsl:attribute>

      <xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="border-diagonaldown">1pt solid #000005</xsl:attribute>

      <xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="border-diagonalup">1pt solid #000005</xsl:attribute>

      <xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="tl2br">1pt solid #000005</xsl:attribute>


      but no one has effected


      can anyone help me this issue?