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    Doubt in Date tracking update of person records


      Dear all,

      I have a doubt on the approach to be followed for a particular scenario. The following is the explanation:


      Let us say we have a person record as follows:


      Employee_No      Effective start Date         Marital status


      100                    01-Jan-2000                  Single


      Let us say HR user date tracked to  01-Jan-2010 and  updated to Married


      So we have the following :


      Employee_No      Effective start Date    Effective end date      Marital status


      100                    01-Jan-2000                31-Dec-2009            Single                 

      100                    01-Jan-2010                31-Dec-4712            Married


      Later HR found that the date of updation was not correct it should be 01-Jan-2011, which was wrongly entered as 01-Jan-2010.


      Now should the HR

      1) Go to the earliest record and delete the next change and then re enter with correct date? or

      2)  Go to 01-Jan-2010 , Correct the record to Single, go to 01-Jan-2011 update to Married.


      Because Oracle allows both. In the second case, per_all_people_f  will have 2 records with the same set of data but with different start and end dates.

      Can any body say which is correct approach and why?