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    DB Adapter Polling with Reserved Value in SOA


      Hi Experts,


      I am currently working on DB Adapter Project in SOA The project I am working on is deployed on SOA Cluster environment and accesses a RAC (Multi) datasource


      Due to volume of data, I have set the NumberofThreads as 10 for the Polling DB Adapter.


      Because of this configuration, its currently sending the duplicates to Target system, I have set the Distributed Polling Flag and Singleton property for the adapter, still its posting duplicates.


      We planned to use the RESERVED VALUE concept for this approach.


      I am using a connection pool where the UsesSkipLocking is set to FALSE and pointing to the same RAC DataSource. The Algorithm Type for Multi DataSource in LOAD-BALANCING


      In DB Adapter, I have set the RESERVED VALUE string R${weblogic.Name-2}-${IP-2} and unchecked the Distributed Polling Flag.


      Its updating the polling column from UNREAD VALUE to RESERVED VALUE and after that its not polling the records. Instances are not getting created in SOA.


      Please can you help me in this regards, Thanks very much.