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    Attribute Texts in Decision Report


      Hi OPA Experts,


      We have multiple test forms in our project which have same/similar field. Eg. the field "Common" is spread across multiple test forms. So, during our build we had to make each attribute text unique by prefixing them with the test form name, since system does not allow duplicate attribute text. Now, when we look at the Decision Report, we see <Test Form Name>_Common instead of the screen display text.

      Is there a way to overcome this issue, or is there any work-around?


      If multiple attributes exist across different properties, with the same text, Build itself fails. And we cannot even Build & Debug nor Build & Run.




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          Fiona Guy-Oracle

          Yes - you can add the attribute to your properties file and then click the Override button to override the text that appears in your decision report. That said, this is not recommended! It will make your decision report very difficult to use for debugging - your attributes have different texts because they have different proofs (otherwise you wouldn't need different attributes) so if you remove the unique part of the attribute text you will find it difficult to know which attribute you are seeing in your decision report. 

          Think about why you have a decision report - do you use it to understand the operation of the rules or do you show it to your end users? If you are using it to understand your rules I certainly wouldn't be overriding the attribute text (for the reasons above). If you are showing it to an end user, perhaps you could represent the information in another, more succinct way (eg using summary screen labels which show/hide as appropriate or put the information in a generated document). Don't forget you can always just hide attributes in the decision report by setting them to Invisible (hides the attribute itself) or Silent (hides the proof) - to do this, add your attribute to your properties file and select the 'Decision Reports' tab. If you make an attribute Silent or Invisible you can still see it in the debugger, but it won't show to your end users (best of both worlds!).


          Hope that helps,