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    Migration to smartview API


      Hello Everyone


           I've a piece of code where Essbase add-in functions are used, I want this piece of code to be replaced with the SmartView functions. I've come across a function EssVSetSheetOption to which parameters given are as below

      x = EssVSetSheetOption(Null, 11, False)

           In an attempt to replace this function with SmartView function I could find a function HypVSetSheetOption which has almost every parameter identical to the one in add-in API, but I could not find an option for the parameter 11 in SmartView API i.e. for Enable Retain on Retrieval formula preservation setting . So to replace this function which set of parameters do I need to provide to HypVSetSheetoption function


      Please provide me a solution for this


      Thanks in Advance