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    Database Server is slow.

    Prashant Namdeo

      Hi Gurus,


      I would like to discuss something about the Database Performance tuning (General Guidelines).

      I am new in this performance tuning field of Oracle.

      Many times the database users they say that "Database is responding slowly" or "The query is very slow". As far as there is problem with a slow query, we can have a start point to investigate about it.

      But when it comes to the whole database, its tricky. I don't find the proper way to walk on. I always think  "From where Shall I start?". And I just see the sessions, ash report and some views like v$session, v$process, dba_hist_active_sess_history.


      I need to know the proper guidelines about how to investigate and find the proper resolution of this so called "server slow" problem.


      Please Gurus, throw some light on this topic.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Prashant Namdeo.