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    Oracle Purchasing r12.1.3  -  Approval process without AME




      We have Oracle purchasing r12.1.3 and AME is not installed.  There is NO iprocurement and this is all about core purchasing module.


      Is there a comprehensive document, white paper or metalink note that outlines how approval rules are set up for PR and PO approval processes without AME in Oracle?


      We are running into following issue. Let me explain through an example.


      John is the Buyer.

      Bob is the boss of John in HR setup.

      When John raises a PR it goes to Bob for approver.

      Now Bob is on Vacation.

      John can do "Forward To" to a delegating authority in lieu of Bob for all PR in queue.


      But how can John automatically route NEW PRs to the delegating authority without forward to, while bob is out?


      In other words, when approver is not in approver hierarchy, how can an alternate approver approve the PR.


      Please advise.



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          While bob, is going out on leave - he needs to set "Vacation Rules" to automatically forward the approval notifications to the alternate approver.

          let me check for  documentations on the same and provide.


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            How to Setup a Valid Vacation Rule for Purchasing Notifications (Doc ID 378023.1)



            What steps are required for proper setup of a Vacation Rule for routing of Purchasing Notifications?


            1.  Enter the Notification Summary or Worklist for a user
            2.  Select the "Vacation Rule" link
            3.  Select the "Create New Rule" link
            4.  For Item Type select "All" for all Notifications or select the desired Notification Type from List of Values
            5.  Select the "Next" link to proceed to the next setup page for the rule
            6.  Enter both a a valid Start and End Date for the new rule
            7.  Ensure the "Reassign" radio button is selected
            8.  Keep "All Employees and Users" in the menu box
            9.  Select the "Delegate" radio button - Assign/Reassign action is prohibited for Purchasing Notifications
            10.  Select the Flashlight icon next to the blank menu box for selecting a user
            11.  A new sub-screen should pop-up to perform the user search
            12.  For "Search By" select "Username" - (DO NOT search by Name)
            13.  Perform the needed wildcard (%) search at the top of the page to locate the desired username
            14.  Click the radio button next to the desired name of the user to have the notifications sent to
            15.  Press the "Select" button followed by the "Apply" button
            16.  Continue on with the saving of the Vacation Rule for latter use


            The key to setting-up a valid Vacation Rule is to ensure the rule is tied to a Username rather then the Full Name of the desired user.  The reason for this is that the Worklist and Notification Summary for the user is linked to their username and not full name record.

            Oracle Workflow User's Guide - Release
            Part Number : B12162-02