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    Load Balance serve issue




      We have defined 2 servers (server1,server2)in FDM and also added these servers in Machine profile.


      We are executing UPSshell.exe which should place .dat file in server1. The server name is also specified as server1 in Upsshell script. But, the issue we are facing is, on first execution, .dat is placed in openbacth of server1,while on second execution .dat is placed in server2. This is causing issue in our dataload. Batch load script is looking for file in server1 and since the file is in server2, datais not getting loaded. Can anyone let me know wht am I missing here , as the .dat file is saved in server2, even after specifying serever as server1 in upsshell.exe script.

      Appreciate early response as this is refraining us from proceeding ahead ..Thanks

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          You should be using a single shared folder for both FDM application servers.


          From what you are explaining it seems you have setup a application folder on each FDM application server.


          Is that correct?

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            Thanks for the reply Jeff.

            Initially we did not set up App folder in Backup server.But, in this case, we were getting 'Path not found' error. That's becos script was looking for Openbatch in backup server and since App folder is not setup, we were getting error. So, we created App folder in second server too..but, still getting issue...

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              You need to have a single FDM application folder share point, such as FDMDATA and then your application sub-folders beneath it.


              Then your application path should be specified as UNC path (\\ServerNameFDMDATA\AppName)


              You can update the path using <Add Application>


              A) Choose <Add Application> at the login form

              B) Login and highlight the application and choose "modify"

              C) Update the application path.