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    ATP Inquiry for all Supply Chain




      There is a task to configure the planning within the company with a many of warehouses. And to build a supply chain that each organization to request the ATP and to calculate Schedule Ship Date


      Example. The supplier delivers the goods in W1. W1 deliver the goods in W2. W2 deliver the goods in W3. W3 delivers the goods to the customer.


      If I make a ATP Inquiry in W3 I want to see the time when the order is ready(Schedule Schip Date is populate) If goods on hand only in W1.


      BOM not use. Goods always full and do not require assembly.


      Currently used by the ATP Based on Collected Data. But it calculate only W3 ATP. Not calculate all supply chain.


      I want to try to setup the ATP/CTP Based on Planning Output


      Tell me if that helps solve the problem of Business & what are the main setup steps?


      Profile INV:Capable to Promise change - it is clear


      Create a APS plan - it is clear


      Create the Forecast - clear


      And here's how to set the correct setup items in every organization on Planning TAB  and how setup Siurcing rules or BOD(Which is better?).


      Maybe possible to achieve a business purpose by means of ATP Based on Collected Data?(But how?)


      If you have any questions, ask - I answer.


      Guru please help!