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    SQL Dev 4 EA3 - New SQL worksheet window opens docked to the extreme right side of the window



      while doing some tests on the new EA version of SQLDev I found a weird behaviour in the window docking logic.


      Normally when I click on a new database connection in the Connections window, a new worksheet window will open in the central pane (the one with the Start Page) and this is as expected. I usually change the default working setup to make the most of my widescreen monitor, by docking (and making permanently visible) the "Find database objects" window in a narrow pane to the right of the main pane. This setup does not create any issues in version 3 of SQL Dev and it always worked fine.


      In version 4 of SQL Developer instead there are issues with the above setup. In fact when I want to look for an object in another database instance (by selecting a new database connection in the "Find database objects" window) or also when I just open a new database connection in the connections pane, a new worksheet for that connection will open not in the central pane (as it did in SQL Dev 3), but in the right pane of the workspace, docked just next to the "Find database objects" window. The net result is that I have to undock every time the new Worksheet window and manually dock it to the central pane in the workspace.


      I believe this is quite confusing as the users would expect the new worksheet window to open right were they normally do, that is in the central pane. Also the new worksheet is not even entirely visible, as the "Find database objects" window is narrower than the central pane and to use it the user must manually drag and drop it on the central pane every time to be able to work with it.


      Hope it can be fixed before GA.



      Paolo Marzucco