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    4.0EA1 Compare models - pk shown as index




      I am using the 'Compare Models' to compare a DM design against the database. When comparing a table a difference is shown up for the indexes.

      The primary key of the table is shown as an index in the model imported from the database, and the is no index shown in the model from DM (which is correct).


      The index in the database model should not be shown and compared.



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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

          Hello Joop,


          Oracle Database enforces a UNIQUE key or PRIMARY KEY integrity constraint on a table by creating a unique index on the unique key or primary key. This index is automatically created by the database when the constraint is enabled.

          For user named PK/UK constraint we cannot distinguish if support index is created by database or there is an index explicitly created by the user.

          There are customers having explicitly created indexes in their model having the same name as PK/UK constraint. Discarding such indexes during import will discard valuable information about storage properties related to PK/UK constraint.

          Support indexes for database named PK/UK constraints are discarded during import.



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            Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

            BTW you are labeling your posts with 4.0 EA1 but in fact that's SQL Dev 4.0 EA1. DM 4.0 EA1 was released Today and you can check that version for your problems.