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    Logical Loop Error


      Hi All,


      We want to predefault an attribute Performed Date on all the interview screens with the currentDate. The issue is, if user closes the session before reaching the outcome, he can relaunch the saved session at a later date, but the current Date function overrides the earlier defaulted date in the Performed Date attribute.

      I was trying to set the Performed Date with currnetDate only if it is not known but it is throwing the logical loop error. Here is what i am trying to do.

      [p22] Variable_Date[Test_Performed_Date]

      [b2] The performed date is true if

      [known p23] Test Performed Date is known

      [p22 = p1] Test_Performed_date = _1145442_TF2_A_Test Performed Date


      [p1] _1145442_TF2_A_Test Performed Date

      [p22] Test_Performed_Date

      [b2] The performed date is true

      [CurrentDate()] The current Date









      Is there any other way to achieve this functionality or what is the solution for this logical loop error.




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          Andrew Barry-Oracle



          while the logical loop error is fixable, this will not actually fix your problem because the inferred attribute will not be saved when they save their session - typically only values that have been considered to be "user entered" will be saved.


          Two different potential approaches for solving your problem:

          * write a plugin for web determinations that would set the attribute programmatically - this would be considered by web determinations to be user set and would be persisted through your data adapter.

          * incorporate the setting of this value as part of your data adapter. You didn't mention how you were loading and persisting sessions, but it's possible that a similar operation could be performed at that layer.





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            It sounds like the best solution is to use some custom code to set the date at the start of the interview to an attribute.


            This post might help as someone was trying to do just that.