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    Retrieve data from record group into list item in data block


      I have a record group depending on columns from the database. I need to fetch the data with the record group into data block in the form. The problem is, that one of the item in the block is list items, its name is "SEVERITY" ( choice from a close list), and when I fetch the data from the record group I get an error. I understand that I have to get out the SEVERITY column from the query, but how I entered data from the database into this field.

      my problem is: if I retrieve all the columns from the record group to the data block ( including 'SEVERITY') I get an error. if I get out the SEVERITY from the query of the record group, the 'severity' column in the block remain empty.


      The elements that I defined to the list item are identical to those that in the database. the columns call: 'SEVERITY', and the elements are: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW.

      What I should do to retrieve the data of the SEVERITY column and display it in the block, although this item defined as list item with close elements?



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