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    Cost Group Option PJM



      Our customer is implemented Finance, SCM and Manufacturing with out projects module.

      Now they are planning to implement PJC, PJB, PJM (project Manufactring) modules. They are Planning only Contract projects

      The existing inventory orgs, project cost collection is not enabled and System not allowing to change the Cost Group option "By project" in PJM parameter.

      Oracle Support suggested to go with define new inventory org since cost group option should not be changed once transaction exists in std costing.

      1. Please provide any other solutions. Creating new invnetory org and converting the existing items/balances to new org is very big task.

      2. If i have project manufactring org is different then the inventory org then how project inventory will be maintained?

      3. For future implementaions, Can i suggest enable Project cost collection and cost group option by project to set at the begining, if any client planning for project later point in time. will there be any impact