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    modeling table partitions




      How to define partitions in oracle data modeler ? Whether it is to be defined in relational model or physical model (11g) ?

      The table is going to store the millions of records related to about 20,000 cities. I want to create partition on city name ?

      Please advice..

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          you can define if the table has to be partitioned in the physical model of the table. In the 'General' tab, set the field 'Partitioned' to 'Yes'. Then the tab 'Partitioning' will become editable. Here you can define your partition parameters for the table.


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            HI, thanks for reply..


            I am able to enable partitioning to 'YES' and selected LIST partitioning and also selected COLUMN name which contain values for partition.

            How to define values for each LIST partition ?

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              David Last-Oracle



              Partitioning is defined in the Oracle Physical Model.


              Open the Properties dialog for the Table in the Physical Model and set its Partitioned property to YES.

              You can then go to the Partitioning tab in the dialog.  You need to set the Partition Type (to LIST) and add the column containing the city name to the Selected Columns list.


              After closing this dialog, you can, if you wish, define individual partitions.

              To do this, you should expand the node for the Table in the Physical Model tree, and then right-click on its Partitions node and select the New option.

              This will display the Partition Properties dialog, where you can provide a list of one or more city names in the Value List property.