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    form builder 4.5 runtime behavior



      I'm migrating 6i to 11g

      Most of my forms were defined in 6i with form-level property runtime compatibility mode to 4.5

      Now that property no longer exists, so validation and initialization has some differences (forms help could explain it better than it does)

      Soon I've found places were I got a required validation which didn't happen before.

      For example, in a go_block coming from a query status block that has some required empty items. Obviously that was a design error, but it didn't explode until ran in forms 11g. It's quite easy to fix in this case (setting required to no) but when you have hundreds of forms it would be nice to have a list of awareness for this kind of problems with validation and initialization 4.5 behavior. Could you point me to any document which would help me looking for possible problems with every single form in my app?



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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          You should probably start with the Upgrading Forms 6i to 11g Guide


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            Thanks, but that guide is about two detail levels away from what I am asking ...

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              I'm not exactly sure I understand what you are asking for??  You said, "... it would be nice to have a list of awareness...".  Do you mean specific to your application (like a utility that would list the trouble spots) or do you mean just in general?  Unfortunately, I don't believe either exists.  You may find some helpful information in the old Forms Builder Reference Manual.



              Search for "Runtime Compatibility Mode" in this doc.

              Other archived docs can be found here:


              Regarding the need to change something in many forms, you could use the JDAPI if the changes in each form are similar.  More information about JDAPI can be found in the Builder Online Help and various Support authored Knowledge Content available in MyOracleSupport.

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                Thanks, and excuse me for the explanation.


                As the forms I will migrate have in 6i this property with 4.5 value, there will be some inevitable problems. I was looking for a list of things that can easily go wrong with this configuration (6i forms with 4.5 behavior to 11g) or at least a better explanation than the one is given in the old 6i documentation for this behavior.


                I supose I will have to compose that list from scratch. Something like:

                - If you have query only blocks, look for required items and set them as required = false


                The same happens with other common issues in 6i to 11g migration:

                - Look for forms_mdi_window and substitute it with ...

                - Look for ole2 items and ...


                So I would open every single form and check my list looking for possible bugs.


                Thanks anyway.

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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                  This is yet another reason why we encourage customers to never fall too far behind.  The further you are from the current version, the more difficult it will be to upgrade.  In most cases, new major releases (at least for Forms/Reports) are only released once every 2-4 years (approximately).  Therefore, if you planned to stay within 2 major releases of the current, you might only be upgrading once every 6 years or so.  This seem fairly reasonable and would make the process much easier.  So, for example, if the current version is 11gR2, you should be on at least 10 as these versions are about 6 years apart.  Trying to get from 4.5 (and you didn't mention exactly which 4.5.x) will expectedly require more effort and time than if you were already on 6 or 9 or 10.


                  If you are coming from non-web versions (pre-6.0.8), our recommendation is that you stop at Forms 6i (6.0.8) and get your application working here before moving forward.  Major code and any GUI design changes should be done at this level.  The application should be verified to work correctly before continuing.  Following the 6i to 11g Upgrade Guide previously mentioned will make this process a little easier because it will tell you what needs to be changed (if anything).  Once your application complies with the changes mentioned in the Guide, moving from 6 to 11 should be mostly simple.  The biggest issue will be getting users accustomed to the application now that you have gone from a character mode or client/server interface to web.  But since the functionality of the application will be mostly the same, for the users, it will be mostly just about getting used to the app looking different.


                  Something else to consider is that there are various organizations that can assist you with the upgrade.  For example Oracle Consulting and Oracle Partners.  These groups often have utilities to help identify the problem areas you mentioned as well as other application analysis tools.