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    Apex Mobile Submit Page



      I have developed an application in Apex Mobile.  2 Pages I have developed.  This is no authentication application.


      Page No. 1 and Page No. 2.


      In Page No. 1, I used to get the input from the user and by submitting the page it goes to Page No. 2. The display is coming correctly.


      But I come across  a small issue in java script and when i tried to see the view source,  it shows page No.1 HTML source.  But I am viewing Page No.2

      The url is http://server:7777/dev/apex/f?p=179:1#/dev/apex/f?p=179:2:0::NO:::

      Why I could not see the view source of page 2.

      Why the URL getting changed along with Page 1.


      Please through some lights on the same.


      Thanks in advance.