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    SQL Developer EA4 - Collapse  and Debug

      • After you collapse a procedure/function you cannot expand by clicking on +.It is working  for package. In previous version 3.2.2 it was working
      • Popup debug  window .It is taking a while until values come up(Target, Parameters, PL/SQL block). In previous version 3.2.2 is almost instant
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          Ashley Chen-Oracle



          I was not able to reproduce this. Can you provide more information? What environment are you using and are you always running into this issue or is it intermittent?




          SQL Dev PM

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            Windows 7 Ultimate

            Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)i7 CPU 920@2.67 GHz

            RAM 8. GB

            OS 64 bit


            Run against -Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release10. - 64bit or  Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit

            • Collapse on a procedure or function


                      On the connections navigator focus on the procedure right click Edit

                      On a Editor on folding margin right click,  and choose Collapsed procedure declarations/body

                      Everything is collapsed now, then  click + to expand and  nothing happens.


                      This is working on a package


            • Debug window

                      On a function or a procedure is not so bad(but still slower then 3.2.2). On a package it take at least 20 seconds to open.


                      On a navigator focus on a package right click choose Edit Body

                      Right click and choose debug

                      It take at least 20 second for debug window to open

                      Package has around 2500 lines

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              Vadim Tropashko-Oracle

              Reproduced and bugged function collapsing issue as 17290205.



              17290287: Reproduced run block delay on APPS.FND_STATS body (which is 3000 lines long).