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    How to enable debugging


      I have created a custom authenticator and in the code files of custom authenticator I have added a noncatalog logger.

      Through this noncatalog logger I want to log debug messages (log.debug("message")).


      What do I need to do to configure the weblogic server to log the debug messages in a log file.

      On the admin console > servers > server > Logging > general > advanced

      I have set the logging level to debug for all options present on the page. but this has not helped.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          you can check the next Metalink Note: Troubleshooting WebLogic Server (WLS) Deployment Problems - Enabling Debug (Doc ID 1301257.1)


          I pasted a little information:


          Debug flags can be turned on at runtime via the Administration console in "Home->Summary of Servers -> Debug -> Deploy (expanded).


          Debug flags can also be added to the server startup script prior to launching the server. In this case, they should be defined as JVM startup arguments in JAVA_OPTIONS with the -D prefix and set to true. The Debug or trace messages will be logged in the server log file located in %DOMAN%\servers\%SERVER_NAME%\logs\%SERVER_NAME%.log.