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    Need help in creating SOA SUITE RESTFul Service.


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement to provide a restful service url to other party to post plain xml message.


      So i have configured HTTBinding as below


      Type : Service

      Operation Type : One Way

      OperationName : Send

      Verb : Post

      Payload type : xml


      its one way transaction, we dont need to send response back to other party.


      After my configuration, when i use the URL to post some xml message from REST client

      i get a error "<error>oracle.fabric.common.FabricException: Unable to find operation: unknown</error>" same error even in composite with no instace created


      and when i add a header property SOAPAction : Send then message goes through adapter and i see instances in composite.

      But unfortunatly the team whos posting messages to fusion were not able to add any property


      Is there any we can solve this with out Header Property added at client side.


      Or Do we have any other way to create a RESTFull service in soa suite(i guess OSB allows this.)

      Help appreciated

      im using soa suite 11g


      thanks in advance guys