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    about license issues on processors


      Hi, Suppose if i have 8 processors in my server, how many license should i suppose to get?

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          I see more than a dozen new posts from you in the time span of about three hours.

          All of those questions can be answered by YOU, yourself, if you would only go read product documentation.

          None of your postings show any evidence that you have done any prior research on whatever the topic might be..


          This OTN forum site is a technical forum site.

          This site is a COMMUNITY USER-TO-USER forum site.

          This site is not your personal "gimme an answer because I won't make an effort to find my own answers" site.


          Every person that responds to forum posts volunteers to participate.   No one is paid to wait for your posts and give you answers.


          If you hope for responsible and comprehensive responses you will need to show you have been responsible and comprehensive in your prior efforts before you make a post.   If you do not do that, I predict people will soon recognize and remember you, then they will begin to ignore you. 


          That would be sad.

          Everyone learns when proper technical discussions occur.