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    Data Integration solution needed

      Firstly, please forgive my ignorance.

      Weekly our 12 clients FTP encrypted flat files containing thousands of records (up to millions - depending on client) needing to be integrated into our CRM's data in a 24/7 environment. Currently, we use MS Access to transform the data to our specs, SQL Load to a staging table, then PL/SQL to insert/update/delete CRM's data - according the clients' data. It's in-elegant, but it works - but there's gotta be a better way!

      I'd like to find a solution that automates the entire process in a timely manner, can be reported upon, will not over-consume our limited resources, and will work with an 817 database.

      Depending on the documentation I read, I flip-flop between ProcessConnect,InterConnect, or building a custom VB app that automates the current method.

      Any help is much appreciated and I love construction criticism (seriously)!