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    Backup with RMAN thru tape without MML (Media Management Library)


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new with RMAN Backup and Recovery and I need your Professional Advice.


      We are using RMAN and Datapump to backup our Oracle 11gR2 Single Instance Database with ASM.

      When we execute RMAN Backup command, the backup piece were stored in our FRA or Fast Recovery Area in our ASM Disk Storage.

      One of our challenges in environment is to backup our database through tape with the use of RMAN without installing MML (Media Management Library) or without acquiring OSB,Veritas or any Third Party Software.

      Now my question is, Is it possible to put my Fast Recovery Area Backup Piece into tape without the use of MML?

      Appreciate if you could give me examples on how to execute backup and recovery script on this senario.


      Thank you