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    R4 EA - Run procedure - execution problem

    Vin Steele

      The  "Run" function (from either the right-click menu or the green icon in the top of the code editor) for standalone procedures has an problem. When the input parameters for the procedure have been set and the "OK" button has been clicked, it does not execute. It is necessary to invoke the "Run" function a 2nd time to get the procedure to execute. The input parameter changes are kept.

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          Vadim Tropashko-Oracle

          Can't reproduce:


          1. create or replace FUNCTION ECHO1


            PARAM1 IN VARCHAR2

          ) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS


            RETURN PARAM1;

          END ECHO1;


          2. Initiate run dialog, then either


          2a edit assigment to

          PARAM1 := 'a1';




          2b edit "Input Value" column


          3. Press OK

          4. Witness


          Connecting to the database gbr30060_scott.

          Process exited.

          Disconnecting from the database gbr30060_scott.


          in the log


          5. Witness the "Output Variables" grid to exhibit "a1" .