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    How to pass the field value from 'Form' to the parameter( pf_date)value in report parameter?


      Hi everyone,

      I have a new problem , related to 'Forms' & 'Reports'.

      I have created a 'Form', in which there are 3 push buttons & 1 field (in_date) to enter 'date'.

      First the 'date' is entered & then,

      By clicking the first push button (excel) , all the data gets exported to excel file;

      By clicking the second push button(exit), the form exits.

      Everything is al-right. Now there is this third push button(report), by clicking which i want the report to be generated.

      I have already created a report for that. But when i click that i get the report parameter, in which i have to enter the date (pf_date) again & click 'run'.

      But i do not want the report parameter to be displayed, i want the report to pick the value from the field 'in_date' & then directly run the report without pressing the 'run' button.

      How to pass the 'in_date' value from form to the parameter( pf_date)value in report parameter?

      How can i run the report directly without clicking the run button?

      How can the report be generated by just one click in the form?


      Thank You.

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