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    PO Approval - how to find financial approver?


      Hi there,


      On 11i, using Employee / Supervisor routing for PO approval. 


      If user A with no approval authority creates a PO and approves it, it is routed to his supervisor (user B).   User B then approves it.  User A makes a minor change which creates a revision and the PO is re-approved by user A.  PO status is now Approved.


      How do we tell (through sql or forms) that it was user B who had the appropriate approval limit and was the 'financial' approver of the PO?


      po_action_history & View-Action-History will show both user A & user B approved the PO.  Just looking at the final approver (user A) will not tell us who actually had the authority to approve it.




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          You could use SQL to find the name of the person who first approved a PO.


          The SQL below will tell you that. While a PO might have been approved any number of times, it'll only return the name of the first person where there is an "APPROVE" Action Code against them.



          -- see who first approved a PO
          select distinct
                 pha.segment1 po
               , pah.action_code
               , pah.action_date
               , papf.full_name
            from po.po_action_history pah
               , po.po_headers_all pha
               , hr.per_all_people_f papf
               , (select min(object_revision_num) minrev, object_id from po.po_action_history minact where object_type_code = 'PO' and action_code = 'APPROVE' group by object_id) minbob
           where pha.po_header_id = pah.object_id
             and pah.employee_id = papf.person_id
             and minbob.object_id = pah.object_id
             and pah.object_revision_num = minbob.minrev   
             and sysdate between papf.effective_start_date and papf.effective_end_date
             and pah.object_type_code = 'PO'
             and pha.authorization_status = 'APPROVED'
             and pha.creation_date > '20-AUG-2013'
             and pah.action_code = 'APPROVE'
          order by pha.segment1;
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            To find the approval limit for a person first find the assigned approval group for that person's position/job using


            Purchasing -> Setup -> Approvals -> Approval Assignments


            And then query approval groups to see the approval limit for the persons having that approval group


            Purchasing -> Setup -> Approvals -> Approval Groups