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    Inventory to Project Manufacturing Accounting Issues

    Syed Siraj



      Problem Description


      Please find below relevant information for the issue we are facing :


      1. Modules in use - Oracle Inventory, Purchasing, Project Manufacturing, Costing, Billing & Order Management

      2. Basic Setups in Project Manufacturing - PJM Organization Parameters - Cost Group Option is By Project, And GL Posting Option is also by Project with Account Option as Use Auto Accounting

      3. In Purchasing setup > Purchasing Options > Accrue Expense Items At Receipt and Accrue Inventory Items At Receipt

      4. In Receiving Receipt Routing is Direct Delivery

      5. Also have assigned In and Out Expenditure Types (Cost > Setup > Expenditure Types for Cost Elements Form)

      6. My Inventory Org. is Project Reference enabled And also Cost Collection is enabled in Setup > Organization > Parameters > Costing Information

      7. We have created a common project and assigned it in PJM Organization Parameters


      Issue Details:

      1. We created a purchase order for an Inventory destination item with Project and Task Number information in the PO distributions.

      2. We also created a receipt against this said PO and received this item in a sub-inventory and in stock-locators we are able to capture our project and task also.

      3. After creation of receipt, at this point system is generating an accounting entry which is Receiving Inventory Account Debit and Inventory AP Accrual Account Credit.

      4. After this I submitted a request Create Accounting - Cost Management. At this point system is expected to create accounting entry for Deliver transaction. But system not creating accounting for deliver transactions.

      5. Also, ran the Cost Collection Manager with 0 days. But its not picking transactions to interfacing them for Project Costing.


      Currently I can see my purchase order costs as commitment costs in PSI. But these costs are material recipt costs, and pls. guide me how and when I would be able to see material costs for issues/deliver against project?


      Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards

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          Please run Cost Collection Manager, after this Run Transaction Import from PA and later Run Create Accounting......



          Raghavender K

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            Dina Rotem



            Here are the steps:

            You should run Cost Management in the PJM organization  - Verify the transaction is costed looking at View Material Transactions form

            After that run cost collector for that organization - on the above form verify the transaction has been flaged as transfered to Projects.

            Run PRC: Transaction Import with parameter Inventory

            Run the Distribute cost in PJC,     This process should generate debit on Project Cost account, and credit on Receiving Inventory account.

            Then run create accounting and interface to GL.

            Finally run PRC: Update project summary amounts - you will see PSI the commitment is reduced and actuals are up.